Is Your Kid A Ninja Warrior?

Every Kid Is A Ninja Warrior!

October 31, 2023

Does your kid want to be a ninja warrior? New York City Ninja Academy offers after school and weekend classes for kids ages 6-13. All skill levels and abilities are welcome. Try your skills on fun and challenging ninja warrior obstacles!

  • 10 week progressive program
  • Afterschool, weekend, and homeschool classes. View schedule here.
  • Homeschool class: Thursdays 2:15 pm
  • New obstacles every week!
  • Low kid to coach ratio; 5 to 1
  • Certified ninja coaches from NBC TV’s American Ninja Warrior, celebrity ninja appearances, and training opportunities
  • New, clean, sanitary, safe
  • Convenient Midtown West Manhattan location

Every kid wants to be a ninja warrior, just like on NBC’s popular television show, American Ninja Warrior. Besides being the most fun that kids can have exercising, the Ninja Academy promotes discipline, focus, and behavioral development. Ninja training is for any skill level, any ability, and is a great sensory activity that fosters kids’ growth and improvement, while they’re having the time of their lives.

Ninjas 6 to 13 years old are separated by age group for training. Lessons are taught by certified ninja coaches, some of whom have been featured on the show! 

Our ninja program teaches participants how to overcome ninja warrior obstacles by analyzing, approaching, and conquering obstacles, mimicking the movement and strategy of those on the American Ninja Warrior. Ninjas learn new skills and techniques for climbing, swinging, agility, balance, and strength. Kids gain confidence as they master each obstacle, increase their skill level, and become ready to take on the next progression. There is no better feeling than the ultimate thrill of hitting the buzzer at the end of a course, complete with exciting sound effects and lights! 

Birthday parties, private lessons, special events, team-building and small group training are also available. 

We also have a location in Park Slope/Gowanus Brooklyn. Take a tour of Brooklyn Ninja Academy here.