Fun Leap Year Crafts for Kids

By Anu Kapur, Publisher, Lower Manhattan Macaroni KID & Upper West Side Macaroni KID February 7, 2024

    Are you ready to celebrate a special day that only comes once every four years? Leap year is an exciting time, and what better way to make the most of it than by getting creative with some fun leap year crafts? Whether you're looking for activities to do at home or ideas for a Leap Year party, we've got you covered with these imaginative and entertaining craft ideas for kids.

Leap Day Frog Puppets

Let's kick off the leap year celebration with adorable frog puppets! Using simple materials like paper, craft sticks, and googly eyes, kids can create their own Leap Day frog puppets. These cute puppets can be used for imaginative play or as props for a Leap Year-themed puppet show.

DIY Leap Year Time Capsule 

What better way to commemorate this special day than by creating a Leap Year time capsule? Kids can gather items and mementos that represent their favorite things from the leap year and seal them in a decorated container. It's a wonderful keepsake to revisit in four years.

Leap Year Frog Jump Game 

Get those little legs moving with a leap year frog jump game! Using colored paper or masking tape, create lily pads on the floor. Kids can take turns hopping from one lily pad to another, just like leaping frogs. It's a fun and active way to celebrate leap year.

Leap Year Origami Frogs 

Origami is a fantastic way to enhance fine motor skills and patience. Kids can follow simple instructions to fold colorful paper into adorable origami frogs. It's a craft that combines creativity and mindfulness, making it a perfect activity for leap year.

Leap Year Frog Mask Making 

Encourage kids to unleash their inner Leap Year frog by making their own frog masks. Using paper plates, paint, and craft supplies, they can design and decorate unique frog masks to wear during leap year festivities. 

    With these fun Leap Year crafts, kids can dive into the spirit of the Leap Year while expressing their creativity. Whether it's crafting Leap Day frog puppets, creating a time capsule, or enjoying a lively frog jump game, these activities are sure to make the Leap Year celebration memorable and enjoyable for kids.