New York City Ninja Academy

625 West 55th StreetNew York, NY 10019Phone: 917-903-7535Email: ninjanewyorkcity@gmail.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

New York City Ninja Academy teaches participants how to overcome ninja warrior obstacles by analyzing, approaching, and eventually conquering obstacles. Ninjas will learn new skills and techniques for climbing, swinging, agility, balance, and strength, and will learn to propel themselves from one point to another, eventually conquering an entire obstacle course. The fun and challenging obstacles at New York City Ninja mimic the movement and strategy of those on American Ninja Warrior. Discipline, focus, and behavioral development are emphasized to foster kids’ personal growth and self-improvement. Coordination and confidence increase with skill level.

Our classes are taught by certified ninja coaches, on age-appropriate obstacles. Our passionate coaches want to see kids succeed! Some of our students even compete in NBC’s American Ninja Warrior Junior and some of our coaches are pro ninjas. Guest coaches include Najee Richardson, Joe Morovsky, Kevin Carbone, Adam Rayl, and many more.